Who is “Dinar Guru Blogspot”

who is dinar gurus blogspot

On BloggerStop, you usually see posts on and SEO tips. So, you might be wondering that you are on an off topic post here. BUT… let me tell you, this post is not at all an off topic gibberish article on some “Guru Blogger from the middle east who blogs about Dinar and Money”. If you are a blogger and your aim is to get huge traffic to your website, then just continue reading.

It all started with an article at Alexa on finding “Low Competition Keywords“. It’s definitely a good article and you must go through it if you have some time to read it completely. And if you don’t have the time, then here’s the gist:

If you want traffic to your blog, then don’t forget the basics: Write on topics or keywords which are High in Demand and Low In Supply“.

No rocket science! right? You already knew that & you do this every time before writing a blog post: Keyword Analysis!

Or did you just say “No”? Well if you did, then don’t worry because most of the bloggers do sound like you. Most of us know that keywords are important but seldom do a keyword research before publishing an article. Nothing wrong in it, that’s human nature – we like to sound more human than a machine, by not stuffing keywords just for the sake of SEO.

So here’s the problem: highly popular sites leave you behind in terms of traffic and competitive ranking in SERPs for most of the keywords, because they also try to sound human but at the same time they do keyword analysis and let it reflect in their articles. If you can still afford to lose traffic to your competitors then you can close this article and return to your usual way of blogging or else if you do want to out race your competitors then just keep on reading!

Coming back to the title of this article: Who is Dinar Guru Blogspot and what does he have to do with SEO and web traffic.

Well… nothing. It’s just another blog hosted freely on the Blogger platform. Nothing special in the blog, in fact I could not understand most of the blog posts in the first go. Some of it’s posts are written with CAPS LOCK on and most of them relate to the stock market. And frankly speaking I don’t care what all is in there, in that blog.

What brought me to that blog was this keyword analysis report from SEMRush:

dinar guru blogspot keyword analysis

That’s the screenshot from the new keyword research tool by SEMRush (SEO Keyword Magic), which is currently in BETA but open to public.

At BloggerStop I blog about topics like BlogSpot widgets, templates, SEO tips, Social Media Marketing etc. So my search was for the term “BlogSpot” and to my surprise from the top 10 results around 20% (by volume) of the search queries were on “dinar guru blogspot”, “dinar gurus blogspot” or something similar, and the blog that comes up for this search query has nothing specifically to do with the term “blogspot” other than being hosted on a BlogSpot domain. Moreover other than the first two results, there are no other relevant results in Google for this phrase: “dinar guru blogspot”

Who is Dinar Guru Blogspot

So, that’s how I just found a Low Competition and High in Demand Keyword(s). And this is exactly what you are also supposed to do.

How do you use it

The tool I mentioned above: SEO Keyword Magic gives you exactly what you want: Keywords “High in Demand and Low In Supply

In other words this tool gives you the “Low Competition Keywords” that everybody is looking for and that too without charging a penny (at least as long as the tool is in BETA phase).

If you haven’t been already doing keyword analysis, then do give it a try and publish 10-20 posts with keywords taken from this tool on a niche topic and observe the results.

Let’s say you are a food blogger and you are planning to write a post on Pasta (too common right?). Let’s try to fit it in the Low Competition Keywords zone like this:

Step #1
Create a free account at SEMRush

Step #2
Go to SEO Keyword Magic section and put in the keyword of your choice. If you already have a specific keyword or phrase, then use that. Or else let the tool do the Magic for you. In this example, I am giving the input as “Pasta”. And here’s how the result looks like:

Who is Dinar Guru Blogspot

Now, as you have already registered and logged in so you will be given a choice to download and export the result. So export the result into a CSV/excel file:

Who is Dinar Guru Blogspot

Step #3
Open the excel sheet and put a sort on the third column “Keyword Difficulty” (from Lowest to Highest value). Then in the second column “Volume” put a filter to see only those with a value more than 500.

That’s it! You now have a list of all the keywords which you can target in your next post.

For example, in case of “Pasta” as the keyword, you should post a few articles with keywords “Pasta House” as per the result we got from our analysis:

KeywordVolumeKeyword Difficulty
joes pizza and pasta88048.96
fun pasta fundraising59051.41
pasta shop59052.15
pasta house1210053.16
pasta house menu440055
pizza and pasta240055.1

Happy Blogging!

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