Wi-Fi and Noise Detecting T-Shirts !

Wi-Fi and Noise Detecting T-Shirts !You would have heard about wrist watches and key chains with Wi-Fi detectors, which can only tell you whether or not you are in a Wi-Fi zone. But the thinking geeks at ThinkGeek have created some cool, techie t-shirts which detect and tell everybody around that they can start using their Wi-Fi enabled gadgets !
The shirts are fixed with Animated Decals, operated by AAA alkaline batteries. While washing the shirts, this has to be removed (of course you know that).
Each shirt costs $20 and the batteries add another $3 to the total cost..not bad to impress your friends or you can even give them off as gifts to your geeky friends 😉

Wi-Fi and Noise Detecting T-Shirts !

If you are a music lover, then they have created another black shirt with an embedded equalizer, each Equalizer bar reacts differently depending on sound frequency.

Wi-Fi and Noise Detecting T-Shirts !And that’s not all, there’s a third shirt which plays music with the touch of a simple wired-remote. You can add your sounds/music to it, and it can also easily synchronize to your iPods or any other portable audio player.


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great design:D

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