Yahoo Messenger 9 Launched

Yahoo! Messenger 9

Yahoo Messenger 9 LaunchedYahoo! Messenger 9.0 has officially launched for Windows XP and Vista. Now it’s the time to pack up the beta versions and install the latest YM version 9 on your PC.

To list out some new added features:
New skins: Eleven new skins (Graffiti, Fantasia Green, Icy Blue, Ruby Red, Mystic Black, Silver, Purple, Wood, Flame, Twinkle Pink, Sky Blue), use any of them and your messenger will be redefined !

Inline video & picture viewer: When a friend sends you a video link from a site like YouTube or a link to an online photo, they will show up right in your IM conversation. For videos, a full player appears; just click the play button to watch it right it in your IM window.

Although you can download Suite Install Bootstrapper Setup from yahoo, but it will take a lot of time to install through this file as it installs YM online, and moreover you will not even able to store the complete setup file as a back up.

So I would suggest you to download the complete setup file from, which will make the complete process a lot easier !

Along with Yahoo Messenger, something for the webmasters has also been released, they call it Pingbox™: Once embedded into your blog, website or social network page, visitors can IM you anonymously (or they can identify themselves) without needing to download or even sign into Yahoo! Messenger. The good news is you’re anonymous too; visitors to your page never see your Yahoo! ID. Pingbox is great for giving your site/page/profile visitors a quick way to chat with you.

So what are you waiting for ?

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hey dats a cool peice f info…..

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